Group CTA - Personlized embedded campaigns

When you create an embedded unit, you can use the same div as a placeholder to present different units based on personalization parameters - learn more about what it means

If you want to create an embedded unit but you want different audiences to see the different message (for example: Audience from different regions will see a message in their own language ) Group CTA will allow you to embed only one div and use trendemon to select what message/banner/ form will be displayed on the page based for each audience .

The group allows you to personalize by creating different banners for the same placeholder.

Here are some more use cases: 

-A placeholder in the blog pages will present content from the blog for Top funnel visitors, for visitors that are mid of funnel we will suggest gated content, and for visitors that have high intent same banner will suggest a demo request form.

 -A placeholder on the main page will show a banner for a free trial or demo based on the product pages this visitor visited before 

 - Banner on the first page to refer to content based on survey answers.

- content recommendation unit will present content based on the tag of the page.


How to create a group CTA:

the group can be apllyed only for embedded campaigns from all types .When creating a campaign in the publish tab you can select the group and copy the div.

1. Go to activate -> manage campaign -> configure creative, targeting and settings.

2. In the Publish tab , add the name of the group you want to relate it or add a new group (add the name with no spaces and click on save)

3. Copy the group div marked in yellow and add it to the HTML of the page you want to embed the div.

4. Create more campaigns and select the same gourp. remember to change the targeting tab so you can target different audience or pages with different CTA without changing the div.

Note, it is suggested to duplicate the campaign and then change creativity and targeting according to what you wish to personalize.

 if you still have questions don't hesitate to contact our support team