Set campaign creative

The creative section is where you define the look and feel of the campaign. In this article, we will discuss all the options to create a campaign.


Step 1: Choose the layout. There are 5 different layouts you can choose.

Lightbox - This will be displayed in the middle of the screen as a layover.


Slider - The campaign will be presented from the side of the page. You can choose if it will be presented from the left or right, and also the height.


Powerbar - The campaign will be displayed as a sticky bar at the top or bottom of the page


Embedded - The campaign will be embedded in the page. Note that to display the embedded campaign you will need to add a <div> which you will get in the 'publish' tab.


Full-screen pop-up - The entire screen will be covered with the campaign


Step 2: Once you chose the layout, you can choose the style. Each style has a different image size and a place to add the copy. You can see the recommended proportion of the image size in the placeholder. In the example below, the 'slider' layout was picked with this style. If you want to see how it will look on a full page, hit the preview button.


Step 3: Once the layout and style are set, you can customize the campaign by adding your copy, link, and image. You can also customize the fonts, colors, and other attributes by changing the CSS.

There are some differences when creating a form or survey campaign but the basics are the same.