Campaign Targeting

The targeting of a campaign is what provides the personalization aspect. Because of the way Trendemon tracks visitors we can personalize the campaign by the behavior of the visitor, his status on your Marketing Automation program, and where he should see the campaign when he visits the website

Personalize by audience

Define the audience of the campaign by any behavioral aspect, like how many pages or sessions, do they need to have in order to view the campaign, specific areas they visited on the website, from which source they came into your website, Geolocation, and many others. You can combine them and choose the condition as well.

In the example below I chose that visitors that had more than 5 pageviews and came in via Google organic will see the campaign.

After you chose the audience, you can choose where it should be displayed. If you want the campaign to be presented on all website pages, you don't need to choose anything, but if needed, you can choose specific website areas, tags, and URL's. In the example below I chose to show the campaign on the blog area or on a specific URL

You can also choose the platform, Desktop, Mobile or both

And lastly, you can also personalize by your marketing automation program. If it's Marketo, Hubspot, or Marketo. As part of our integration with MA tools, you can choose any audience of the campaign from any list or field. In the example below, I chose all the leads on Marketo that their lead score is above 60. Only they will see the campaign when they visit the website.