Audience setting and overview

In this article, you will learn what is an audience, the benefits in creating an audience and how to configure an audience in Trendemon.

An audience is a group of website visitors, that shares the same behavior or attributes. 

By creating an audience you segment visitors based on different parameters (for example Geolocation, Specific source, target list, ...) or based on their behavior on your website (for example: reached specific product pages, read more than 3 pages, visited the blog area). This will allow you to explore the audience and learn about what this group of visitors engaged with on your website, their source, conversion rate, articles they engaged the most, and more.

The other aspect of creating an audience is to target them with our personalization campaigns.

The playbook is to create audiences from "top of funnel" all the way to opportunities from your CRM in order to track them and to create campaigns for them to move them down the funnel

Create an audience 

Here is how you can build an audience: 

1.) Go to configure -> audience -> create an audience 

2.)  Add the name of the audience and description (the description will allow you to understand the configuration in the overview screen )

3. ) Select Parameters and values for the audience (for example original source is paid )

You can add as many parameters and different audiences to explore more about your audience 

Here are some common examples :

  • An organic source with less than two page views
  • Organic with intent - came organically visited more than 3 pages or more than 1 session 
  • Paid traffic with intent - visited from paid source and read 2 pages or more in the blog area, or more than 1 session.
  • Geo-based  - visitors from APAC states
  • High intent or product-based - completed an event of reaching price page/ product demo page.
  • Audience by your companies target list, industries
  • Dynamic ABM audience by revenue and/or size of company

Explore audiences 

Once the audience is set you can explore it in our dashboard (note that the information will be gathered from the day the audience was created and not in advance) :

Go to explore - audiences 

On the general screen, you will see all active audiences and you can filter by specific goals they completed or search by name.

1. Audience name 

2. Visits - how many visitors are segmented under this audience (note that a visitor can be part of few different audiences)

3. % from total visits - the percentage of the visitors that are included in this audience group.

4. Goals completed - how many visitors completed one of your business goals (if the view is filtered by a specific goal ) the information will indicate this specific goal.

5. Completion ratio - the percentage of goals completed out of visitors from this audience.

6. Engaged with content - the percentage of visitors that visited one of the content areas.

7. In campaign - the number of campaigns targeting this audience (you can click on the number to see the campaigns it is targeted in) Note, in the campaign you must select the configured audience for it to be included in the audience screen (setting same criteria in the custom fields will not be shown in this screen)


Audience page

Click on the audience name in the 'Explore audience' screen to see more details on the specific audience :

here are some more details you can find : the audience 

If you want to target the audience with a specific CTA or message you can do it by selecting the audience in the campaign Targeting.  (read here on how to create new campaign)