What are Trendemon campaigns and how to set them up?

Personalization stands at the core of Trendemon’s capabilities. There are several ways to leverage Trendemon’s personalization via activation campaigns. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time, each one with its own personalized setting.

Let's start by learning how to create a campaign

Managing Your Activation Campaigns

To set up new personalized activation campaigns, simply go to Activate > Manage Campaigns on your top menu:


In the Activate > Manage Campaigns page, click the Create Campaign button and select the type of campaign you’d like to create:

all campaings

We divided the campaigns into 6 main types:

  1. Content Recommendation– Our automated content recommendation unit is a must unit for all websites, it can be embedded in different parts of your site like your blog or other content areas. This unit is fully automated and after setting it up, you won't need to lift a finger, our algorithm will choose automatically the content for each visitor, depending on where he is in his journey. Read more about how to set up this campaign
  2. Capture leads – Calls to Actions, embedded or as overlays, containing lead capturing forms. These can be Trendemon’s own units or forms from your marketing automation platform.
  3. Promote offers– These campaigns can serve promotions, banners, or messages to your visitors. They can link to other pages, on or off-site.
  4. Surveys – Get to know your audiences better by presenting them question/s to understand what they are looking for. Once you have answers, you can create audiences according to each answer and present each audience with relevant content and messaging.
  5. Retargeting - Define any type of audience that you would like to target on your Ad networks. 
  6. Content hubs - Create a designated page for a specific persona and present on that page all the content that is relevant for him. If it's pages from your website, PDF's or even Youtube videos

Once you click on one of the campaigns, you can Define the Creative, Targeting, and Settings of the campaign