Remarketing Campaign

The remarketing campaign will allow you to 'paint' the audience that visited your website and retarget it on the different ad network platforms, this guide will explain how to create the remarketing campaign.

Trendemon’s remarketing capabilities enable marketers to easily create an audience based on Trendemon insights for retargeting purposes on ad network platforms.

The feature uses custom pixel/events from ad network platforms. To generate the pixel event from Google ads, use this guide.

To create an audience for retargeting campaigns, follow these steps:


Select Activate, then Remarketing, then select  Create Remarketing Campaign.


Next, add the Campaign Name,

Then, add the External Audience Creation Code, generated from the ad network platform.



In the targeting tab, determine who and where you want to target.

Under Show to these audiences, select which audience you want to target from Trendemon's visitor journey attributes or from your MA platform fields.

Under Show on these website pages, select if you want to target an audience that visited a specific page.



Under settings, schedule the dates of your campaign.



Select Publish. The pixel will then paint the audience based on their attribution and will send the pixel back to your ad network for retargeting campaigns.