What Can I Learn From TrenDemon’s Dashboard?

TrenDemon’s dashboard is your first source of information to help you better understand:
1) Total conversions for each goal
2) The influence of content on the conversion rate for each goal
3) The best performing content pages for each goal, and the type of page (landing, nurture, conversion) on which the content was read (i.e. the position score)

The top part of the dashboard shows the status of each goal over the past 30 days with a comparison to the month before. For each goal, the dashboard displays how many users who reached the goal read content at some point in their journey:

The second part of the dashboard shows the top five content pages that impacted goals the most. The Insight Content report explains how our attribution model is calculated.


At the bottom part of the dashboard, you can see the types of pages that were visited in successful journeys and which influenced goal conversions the most.

Landing – Visited at the beginning of most journeys

Nurturing – Read by a returning visitor who didn’t convert yet

Conversion – Read just before the visitor converted