Using Multiple Calls To Action (CTAs)? What Your Visitors Will See First

List Order Can Effect Presentation Order

There are a few scenarios where the order of CTAs in the list matters. In this post, you will learn which CTA will be presented in each scenario and how to control it.

Use Case #1 – 2 Calls to Action depending on the same behavior (PowerBar, exit, slider) with the exact same area or tag configurations.

If you are running 2 CTAs that are defined so that they are presented in the same area or by the same tag, then the CTA that is higher in the CTA list will be presented first.

Example – 2 CTAs that you want to be presented on the blog:



Use Case #2 – 2 CTAs with the same audience configuration.

Example – If there are 2 CTAs that a specific audience should see, then the CTA that is placed higher in the list will be presented first.

Changing The Order Of CTAs In The List

If you want to change the order in which 2 CTAs will appear, drag the preferred CTA to a slot before the other in the list.


In the following scenarios, there is no conflict or overlap between Calls to Action.

  1. We provide 3 types of CTA behaviors: Power Bar, Slider and Exit. When running just one CTA for each type, each CTA will displayed because it is first in line.
  2. In case you are running two or more CTAs for the same behavior but for different audiences or areas, the order on the list doesn’t matter, and each CTA will be presented to the defined audience.