TrenDemon’s Navigator

Understanding the content funnel of your users will help you increase conversions and engagement with your audiences. Using our ability to track every visitor journey, TrenDemon’s Navigator can identify the best content for each step of your funnel, so you can have a better idea of when and how to distribute your content. The navigator updates on a daily basis and changes depending on the business goal.

How does it work?

By using our attribution model we choose the top 5 content pages that you should use for each step. Our attribution method uses a combination of engagement metrics, conversions, distance from conversion and other unique parameters.

Landing – These are content pages that had the biggest impact when viewed in the beginning of your users’ successful journeys (usually as part of the first session).

Nurture – If the average conversion journey is above 4-5 content pages (and it usually is) we recommend the middle pages that had the most impact. You can use these pages as part of your retargeting strategy or for email campaigns

Conversion – These are the pages that performed and impacted the most when viewed right before your user completed a business goal.

Publishing your content

We also give you the option to publish those pages on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain, Buffer, and Linkedin). When you check off a page or more, an icon menu will pop under the navigator and you can choose your desired platform.