TrenDemon vs Google Analytics

We are often asked what differentiates TrenDemon from other analytics platforms, specifically Google Analytics. We have outlined a few of the key differences that make us stand out below.

To begin with, TrenDemon provides a content measurement framework that is either not available in Google Analytics or requires a lot of work to generate. Our customers typically use TrenDemon in conjunction with their Google Analytics as well as their marketing automation platforms.

More specific differences include:

– Read Ratio: TrenDemon provides the number of visitors who arrived to a content page and actually read it. The read ratio is calculated by combining multiple factors, including time spent on page, scrolling, mouse movement, etc. Once a user passes a certain threshold, they are considered to have “read” the page.  Google Analytics’ data only gives the average time spent on a page, which isn’t a true indication of engagement with content, and can include the page being open in a background tab, skewing the measurement.

– Completion Ratio: TrenDemon has the capability to track which visitors who came to a specific content page later reached a business goal, even over multiple visits. Google Analytics can only provide this information if it is achieved in the same session.

– Content Position Attribution: TrenDemon can tell you at which stage of the journey (beginning, nurture, conversion) a content item will perform most effectively. Google Analytics cannot provide this information.

– Best Performing Content: TrenDemon can also rank the top content within every stage of a journey, for each business goal. This makes it easier to know what type of content should be promoted for every goal. Google Analytics does not do this.

– Time Limitation: TrenDemon measures journeys over the span of a year, while Google Analytics only stores information for up to 90 days. If a journey lasts more than 90 days, you will lose all of the early events.

– Automatic Content Recommendations: TrenDemon uses collected data, as well as each individual journey, to automatically recommend content specific to each user. The recommendations are based off related content that are most likely to lead to conversion.

– Access to Raw Data: TrenDemon provides the raw data of each journey across multiple sessions. This allows you to own the raw data in order to generate additional insights. Google Analytics does not provide this raw data.

– Intelligent Calls to Action: TrenDemon provides ultra-targeted calls to action, which can be customized to very specific behaviors and parameters.

– Customer Success: As part of our service, TrenDemon provides an amazing customer success team who regularly hold web meetings with your Content and Demand Gen teams. Google Analytics does not have individualized, human customer service.