The Basics & Common Questions

What Is TrenDemon?

TrenDemon is a content marketing analytics and automation platform. It helps marketers automatically increase revenue from their content by analyzing the customer journeys on their site. Using personalized real-time recommendations and calls-to-action, TrenDemon is able to get more visitors to convert. TrenDemon also provides actionable insights to help guide content strategy, including content marketing ROI, successful customer journeys, and traffic sources.

Will TrenDemon Slow Down My Site?

Since TrenDemon is loaded asynchronously (only after your site has finished loading), it will not effect performance.

Which Languages Does TrenDemon Support?

Since TrenDemon tracks journeys, not text, it can operate in any language, on any website, and for any conversion goal.

How Can I Reach Your Support Team?

Please use our Help Desk to submit support tickets or contact our support email at