How To Set Up A/B Testing For CTAs

A/B testing is a great way to optimize performance. You can A/B test two CTAs for the same audience or you can A/B test one campaign to see if it impact the journey. Once you have created the CTA. you can activate A/B testing and choose, whether to test it alone, meaning, only a certain percentage of visitors will see the campaign. Or to test the CTA versus another campaign, with the same configuration (same areas to be presented and same audience), meaning that we will split the impressions for each one 50/50.  The A/B testing option will appear under the ‘Setting’ tab in the campaign configuration.

To set A/b testing on your campaign :

A. If  you want to set the A/B testing for as impact analysis (meaning, Only a certain percentage of visitors will see this campaign)

  1. Create your campaign using this guide.
  2. Click on ‘Setting
  3. Click on ‘A/b testing’
  4. Select the option ‘Impact analysis
  5. Set the bar to the percent of visitors you want to see the unit.


B. If you want to set the A/b testing between two different CTA

  1. Create both campaigns (‘targeting’ tab should have the same configuration) use this guide
  2. Place both units on ‘Active‘ – you will not be able to select units that are paused.
  3. Click on ‘Setting
  4. Click on ‘A/b testing’
  5. Select the option ‘CTA compression 
  6. Select the unit you want to compare with and divide the impression.
  7. The selected Unit should automatically be configured with A/B testing.

Note- Configuration of A/B testing will be reset campaign is paused.