How to Set content recommendation unit

Suggest your visitor articles to read next. Those recommendations are fueled by Trendemon’s unique content marketing attribution insights. The Articles are adjusted automatically to present the most relevant based on the visitor’s stage and attribution. Our automated content recommendation units can be embedded in different parts of your site, or present as slider or popup. you should only configure the creative and we will do the rest.

To configure your own content recommendation unit:

In ‘Activate‘ -> ‘Manage Campaigns‘ -> ‘Create campaign‘ -> Increase engagement with content

  1. Layout – insert unit name and select the layout for the unit, Lightbox/Slider/Powerbar/full-screen popup/Embedded,  (Embedded -will require adding a div to the page source) selecting each layout will change the preview to show the selection.
  2. Style– In style, you can choose from the design options and the position of the unit on the page based on the unit layout (embedded is dependent on where you place the code on your website) 
  3. Customize – In customize, you will be able to add the title and subtitle to the unit, you can select the number of pages the unit will recommend. the Content pool source – from what pool the content you want to suggest (click here for more info on how to create content pool).
  4. theme – select the design color theme, the custom option will allow you to choose any color and add CSS for native design.

After you finish the creative part you can click next and edit targeting and setting click here to see how

for the embedded unit, in publish  you will find the code to embed in the unit

In publish you can also use the group option to personalize your unit better, using the same div on multiple pages you can create group CTA each one for a different persona read more here