Salesforce Integration

To use the Salesforce API, your organization must use one of the following editions (where the API is enabled by default):

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

For Professional Edition organizations, API access must be purchased and can be processed by contacting an account executive.

In order to integrate Salesforce, you need to create a connected app in your Salesforce account, then provide your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:


To create a connected app, follow this tutorial:

On your Salesforce account, Go to Setup -> Build -> Create -> Apps. Click on the “New” button.

Enter the name of your application, e.g., “TrenDemon Connect”, contact email information, and any other information appropriate for your application.

The next step is to select Enable OAuth Settings:

  1. Enter Callback URL:
  2. Choose OAuth Scope: Full access, Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)


After clicking “Save”, you will see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:


The next step is to turn on Field History Tracking for the Salesforce fields that you’re using as 3rd party goals in TrenDemon.

Here’s an example:

The name of the status in TrenDemon’s 3rd party goal is ‘Status’. And so, you will need to enable tracking history in Salesforce for the Status field.

First, make sure that you are using the Lightning Experience interface in Salesforce.
Second, go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Lead -> Fields and Relationships > Set History Tracking:
Then, make sure the Enable Lead History checkbox is checked, and that the relevant field(s) that you’re using as 3rd party in TrenDemon is also checked (in the example below it is the Address and Clean Status fields):
 If you’re not yet using the Lightening platform, the path should be this:
Setup -> Object Manager -> Lead -> Fields and Relationships > Set History Tracking, and click on Enable Lead History.

For assistance, please contact our Customer Success team.