What could be the reasons for not seeing the embedded recommendation units

There’s a set of parameters that should be checked if you’re not seeing your embedded recommendations.

Step 1: Is our TrenDemon script on this page?

Go to the page where you’re expecting to see the embedded recommendation unit.

Click F12 to Inspect the page. Select the Network tab. Write “trendemon” in the filter field, and refresh the page:

You should see a main.js file. If you hover over it, you will see our trendemon name. If you don’t see the main.js file, there is a chance that our script is not there. In such a case, please contact us for assistance.

Step 2: is the TrenDemon div code on that page?

In order to view the embedded recommendations, the recommendation div code needs to be coded on that page. Some of our clients forget to add that code onto the pages in which they wish to display the embedded recommendations.  Here’s how to check if it’s there:

Go to the page where you’re expecting to see the embedded recommendation unit.

Click F12 to Inspect the page. Select the Network tab, and refresh the page:

Look for “recommend” (there could be several such requests to API) – you need to find the one with WidgetType: Embedded

If you don’t see it, it means that the div code for the embedded recommendations was not added to the page, or the widget is turned off in the dashboard.

Check in the dashboard if the widget is turned off:

If it’s turned on, then add the div code. See this article:


Step 3: Is there a rule that is defined for this page?

In order to see the recommendation units, you need to have the div code on that page (see step 2), but you also need to make sure that you created a rule in our system that tells it where to show recommendations (called “Display in”) and which recommendations to show (called “Content From”.)

 If you don’t see the “recommend” line from step 2, check the Response tab.

 If you see the below response it means that this area is not configured in the recommendation rules:
 ErrorDescription: calculated areas/tags are empty for request. check that Cta/Widget are configured for the given page Area

In order to define the recommendation rules, go to Personalization > Recommendation Units, and select Embedded or Slider:

You can then select the Display In and Content From areas:



You can read more about the Recommendation rules here:

You can also read more about defining areas here:

If you see this message:
ErrorDescription: Pool size (5) is smaller than requested amount (8)“,

it means that there is not enough content in the area that we are taking content from

 If you see a response like this:  

you should see the widget

Step 4: Perhaps there’s an active A/B test on the units?

If you’re not seeing these responses, it’s possible that the A/B test is ON and you are in the group for which we don’t show the widget. To check this, check if you see an ‘uplift’ request

       This would be the reason if you see:
      RecommendationUnit: show

If that’s the case, or if you did all the above steps and still not seeing the embedded units, please contact our Customer Success team.