What could be the reason for not seeing the sliding recommendation

  1. Open the page in the browser
  2. Click F12 and go to Network tab, and refresh the page

      3. Look for “recommend” (there could be several such requests to API) – you need to find the one with WidgetType: Slider

If you don’t see it, it means that the widget is turned off in the dashboard,
or that the option in Embedded recommendation settings,  Hide Slider on pages that Embedded Recommendation is displayed: is ON.

   4. If you do see it, check the Response tab:
       If you see the below response, it means that this area is not configured in the sliding recommendation rules:
       ErrorDescription: calculated areas/tags are empty for request. check that Cta/Widget are configured for the given page Area

   5. If you see this message:
       ErrorDescription: Pool size (5) is smaller than requested amount (8)

       it means that there is not enough content in the area that we are taking content from

   6. If you see a response like the below, you should see the widget:

   7. If you’re not seeing these responses, it’s possible that the A/B test is ON and you are in the group for which we don’t show the widget. To check this, check if you see an ‘uplift’ request

         This would be the reason if you see:


        RecommendationUnit: slider