Page Load Time

What is page load time?

Page load time is a web performance metric that indicates the time it takes to display the entire content of a web page in the browser window (measured in seconds).

The speed at which a page load depends on many factors including the overall design, amount and type of elements on the page, and the user’s location, device and browser type. Just to clarify, the same webpage can easily have different page load times in different locations.

Websites that load quickly are ranked well in search engines, deliver a more positive user experience and have better engagement and conversion rates.

How can I measure it?

In order to measure the page load time, follow these steps:

1. On the page, right click and choose Inspect.

2. Go to the network tab and refresh the page.

3. The red line indicates when the content has fully loaded. The exact page load time is specified at the bottom (in red).

Does TrenDemon’s script affect the page load time?

TrenDemon’s script runs after the page has been loaded, so it won’t affect the load time of the content. Besides that, TrenDemon’s code runs asynchronously, which means it runs separately from the main “application” and doesn’t affect performance.

Let’s observe an example of a page with TrenDemon’s script:

Search engines consider the red line as the load time. You can see that TrenDemon’s script runs after the page has been loaded (after the red line).