Marketo Integration

This guide explains how to integrate Marketo with your TrenDemon account.

1. Create API Only User Role

In your Marketo account, go to Admin -> Users&Roles -> Roles -> New Role. Fill in the fields, check “Access API”, and save (read more):


2. Create API Only User
Switch to “Users” tab -> “Invite New User”, then check the role created in Step 1 and the “API only” checkbox (read more):
 3. Create A Custom Service For Use With ReST API
 In Admin, go to LaunchPoint -> New -> New Service. Fill in the fields, choose Service=Custom and API Only User (the user created in Step 2), then save (read more):
 4. Click “View details” next to the service created in Step 3 and copy the Client ID and Client Secret values. You will need them later to set up integration with your TrenDemon account:
5. In Admin, go to “Web Services”. In the “REST API” section, copy the “Endpoint” URL:
6. On your TrenDemon account, go to Configure – >Integrations -> Marketo and fill in the fields with the values copied in Steps 4, and Then click “Save”.