Installing Trendemon On Your Site

How to install Trendemon script on your website using HTML or GTM

Installing Trendemon requires only a single line of code.

You can add it directly to the HTML code or use GTM (Google Tag Manager)

You can find your account unique code in Settings >  General -> click on the copy button.



To add the code to the website's HTML

Insert your unique Trendemon code just before the closing </body> tag on your website.

To add the code using GTM 

Log into your Tag Manager, click on the account name to which you want to add Trendemon and Create New Tag:

1) Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account and click "New Tag":1-1-1024x478

2) Insert the name of the tag and click on 'Choose a tag type':2-1024x441


3) Choose the type 'Custome HTML':


4) Paste the code into the container:



5) Click on 'Choose a trigger':


6) Choose 'All Pages':


7) Click "SAVE":


7) Submit the tag:


Once installed correctly on your site, you should see the following indication at the top of the page: Code is installed correctly.