Setting Up Goals And Events

What Are Goals And Events?

Goals and events are actions or destinations that your visitors reach and which reflect a desired outcome or have a commercial value that you wish to track and optimize. TrenDemon uses the goals that you configure to:

1) Analyze and track the journeys of visitors throughout your assets.

2) Optimize content recommendations and calls to action for the specified goals.

What Is The Difference Between Goals And Events?

Goals are main business objectives and reflect the most valuable conversions such as “Request a Demo”, “Get a Quote”, and webinar signups. TrenDemon provides reports about journeys, content, and sources  related to the goals you set.

Events, on the other hand, are points on the way towards goals. Events can include watching a video, blog signups, and accessing gated content. You can see the impact of the events you set in the “Events and Goals” report.

A site can have multiple goals and events, which you can define in three different ways:

Destination – This type of goal/event is URL based. For example, a thank you page on a signup form can be set as a destination goal.

Destination Goal Set Up:

1 ) Create a new goal:

2) Select Goal / Event


There are 4 different Goals :

Destination Goal – To track visitors that landed on a specific URL, such as success pages or landing pages.

Tag Fire – To Track an appearance of Thank you for a message when submitting forms or to track clicks on a button.

Marketing Automation Goal – track visitors that are meet criteria based on parameters from the MA system. (such as Marketo and HS)

CRM Goal – track visitors that are meet criteria based on parameters from the CRM system. (such as Salesforce)

Click on the selected goal

Destination goal

Fill in the URL of the landing page in the Goal URL field (for example, In case you have a unique thank you page for each user, remove the unique parameters from the URL and add a ‘*’ instead. For example,*.

Tag Fire

Select the goal, name the goal, and click save to generate the pixel.  Copy the pixel and add it to the element you want to track. read more on how to set the pixel in GTM

Marketing Automation Goal /CRM Goal

Additionally from setting up goals that happen on your website, like “Demo request” or “blog signup”, you can also set up goals from one of our integrations. This will allow you to track users that change their status on your marketing automation and/or CRM.

For example: If you want to answer the question, how does my content impact MQL’s or Won deals, you can define it via 3rd party goal.

To set the Goal, Click on the selected goal integration and choose the parameters and their value. (You can choose between different relations like ‘Is’, ‘is not’ ‘not empty’ Greater than’)


Event – With the event you can track the ‘destination URL’ goal and ‘tag fire’ events in the same way we track goals, the difference is that for events there is no content attribution impact.