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How does Trendemon track visitors and can it perform Cookieless Tracking?

This post discusses the various mechanisms Trendemon uses to map journeys, as well as Cookieless tracking methods. 

This post discusses the various mechanisms Trendemon uses to map journeys, as well as Cookieless tracking methods. 


What are cookies?

Web cookies are small pieces of information stored by the users’  browsers on its computer or device. They represent data used by websites to make each internet user’s navigation and experience more friendly. Cookies store the information you’ve already entered on a site. For example, if you filled in your name and email on a website’s demo request form, that website will remember your information through cookies. This means that the next time you want to sign up for something you won’t have to enter your personal info again. Cookies can also be used to remember the pages you’ve visited so that the site could offer new pages to browse. These are called first-party cookies.

What are 3rd Party Cookies?

We’ve prepared an entire post on what are 3rd party cookies, how they are used which can be found here - https://trendemon.com/blog/what-does-googles-3rd-party-cookie-policy-change-mean-for-content-marketing-analytics/ 

What is Cookieless tracking?

Since many leading browsers such as Safari and Chrome have deprecated or will soon deprecate their support of 3rd party cookies (link), other tracking methods, which do not rely on placing cookies (either on the browser or on the server) have been developed.  

These methods rely on some form or combination of various techniques used to differentiate between individual users across different sessions. One such method is Fingerprinting. It essentially looks at various device and browser parameters to distinguish between different users. When used in combination with other points of data, such as time and IP, it can provide a more accurate representation of users. 


How does Trendemon track visitors?

Trendemon is a marketing analytics and optimization solution used by marketers to understand the impact of their assets on their audiences. Therefore, Trendemon’s technology only tracks website visitors which have given their consent on the marketer’s website. Once that consent has been granted, our proprietary Journey Mapping Engine (NATIV™) leverages several of the above-mentioned abilities, depending on the required tracking scenario. We carry out these measurements with the utmost respect for the privacy of the users. This information is not used in any way outside of the context of the account of the marketer and without disclosing any personally identifiable information (PII) on users who have not willfully submitted such information on the site (for example, by filling a form with their personal info).   

In some cases, when no 1st party cookies are allowed or the customer wishes to deploy only cookieless tracking, Trendemon makes use of a cookieless tracking method that does not store any personal information on the user's devices. We’ve developed a unique method for combining various non-PII parameters to differentiate between users and map their journeys across time.  


What are some benefits of Trendemon’s Cookieless tracking?

As 3rd party cookies are being deprecated from browsers, there are still some cases when marketers wish to track unique visitors between their own assets which are based on different domains. In these cases, Trendemon cookieless tracking architecture can provide visibility on whether those visitors interact with those assets, even if those engagements were months apart. All of this, without collecting or revealing any of the users’ personal information or the need to store sensitive information on the company’s servers. 


How does Trendemon protect its data, its users' privacy and comply with various regulations such as GDPR?

To learn more about Trendemon’s Privacy, Data Protection, and Compliance with GDPR/CCPA Policies, you can visit this page -