GDPR Compliance for CTAs

Here at Trendemon, we are committed to our customers’ privacy and to complying with the new GDPR regulation that rolled out just over a month ago. For this reason, we have recently released a new feature, within the personalization tools, that allows our customers to easily add consent checkboxes to any Call-To-Action they put on their site. This way, site users will be able to seamlessly accept terms of use, ensuring that our customers are compliant with the requirements.

This new GDPR regulation was first proposed in 2012 and finally implemented on May 25, 2018. It states that any business that handles information of citizens within the European Union is required to anonymize or pseudonymize all their personal data. They also must disclose every purpose the data will be used for, as well as how long it will be in use. Additionally, every site that collects data must get the user’s consent before gathering and storing anything.

Because this is such a new regulation, everyone is scrambling to truly understand what they are required to do and there are therefore almost as many interpretations of the specific requirements as there are websites on the internet. For example, some say that if a user does not object to having their data collected, this can be considered consent, while others believe explicit consent, given by users physically checking a box, is required.

We, as a company are aligned with the GDPR regulations and will provide all elements necessary to comply with them, but also understand that not everyone sees eye to eye on the issue of explicitly consenting to terms of use. That is why we have decided to cater to all schools of thought on this particular issue by allowing our customers to choose whether to integrate this feature into their site or not.

This feature will apply to every type of form- desktop and mobile, as well as all types of behaviors. Additionally, if you have integrated other CRMs or marketing automation vendors, all forms will immediately be sent directly to them.

Below is a step-by-step explanation on how to begin adding this new feature into your site today:

  1. In the CTA settings, go to the privacy policy section and check the “use privacy policy checkbox” option.

  1. Then add the checkbox text (a statement that will come up next to the checkbox, making it clear what the user is doing) and a description text (an optional description of what you are asking of the user).

  1.  If you are sending leads to Marketing Automation software, you can choose to send them the confirmation of the acceptance of the privacy policy by checking the box shown below and by filling out the field name.

4. This is what users will see:

Feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions or need assistance with implementation.