Events & Goals Report – Attributing Goals To Events

In the “Insights – Events & Goals” report, you can easily view which events participated in successful journeys towards the selected goal.

For example, let’s say you want to understand what events occurred before the goal “request a demo” was completed. By choosing that goal from the drop-down list, you will see the events that preceded it, which will indicate the events with the highest rates of success.

How To Use The Report

In the drop-down list of goals, choose any goal to see what other goals/events took place before reaching the queried goal. You can choose any time frame and download the report to a CSV file. If you choose a goal and no event appears, this means that no events happened before reaching the goal.


  • Total Events – Unique times this event was reached
  • Reached Goal – Total number of journeys that reached the event and subsequently reached the goal
  • Attribution Score – The overall attribution of the events to the selected goal. The attribution of events algorithm includes a quantitative and qualitative measurement of the impact of each event on the queried goal.

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