Embed Youtube video in campaigns

Trendemon enables you to embed YouTube videos in your content engagement campaigns. This allows you to personalize video recommendations to relevant audiences and place them anywhere on your site. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Create a new tag. The purpose will be to tag the video URL and relate it to the campaign.

Go to Settings > Page tags and create a tag for the video

Step 2.  Go to “Page scans” and click on “Add manual content


Step 3 – Add the title, description, and image, those will be shown to the visitors.

Add the URL of the Youtube video and connect it to the tag you created in step 1.


Step 4 – Create a content pool

Go to configure > Content pools and click on create a new content pool


Name the content pool and relate the tag you created for the video and save.

Step 5.  Create a new content recommendation campaign, choose any layout and style and choose the content pool source and choose to show 1 item. After you are ready with the creative you can preview to see how it looks.