Configuring “Who Will See The CTA”

TrenDemon tracks visitors who have completed one or more of your defined business goals, as well as the source through which they arrived at your site and their status according to your marketing automation or Salesforce platform.

In this post, we will explain how you can define who will see your CTAs.

For the below options, you can usually select to “include” or “exclude” a condition. For example, you can choose to show a CTA in Italy (include) or not show in Italy (exclude). Here are the available conditions:


Define CTAs By Geographic Filter:

Use these to set the countries and regions (states) where the CTA will be triggered:


Define CTAs By Goals:

For each CTA you create, you can configure who will see it according to the goals that the visitor has or has not reached. For example, let’s say that one of your goals is “Request a Demo” and you want to increase the conversions for this goal. You do not want visitors who have already reached this goal to see it again. Therefore, you should configure the CTA to appear only to those who have not reached this goal, as follows:




  • ‘Include’ by goal/s can be used in the same way.
  • If you ‘Include/Exclude’ two or more goals, only visitors who completed both goals will see the CTA.

Define CTAs By Source

Basically, this works the same as defining by goals. You can choose to include/exclude a specific source, UTM source, or UTM campaign.

Example: Let’s say you are running an email campaign. You want these contacts to afterwards go to your website and see a CTA offering them a demo. You can set a CTA that will appear only to users who accessed your website by clicking a link in the email. bysource


Define CTAs By Tags – you can tag different pages and then display a CTA only on the pages that have that tag. Example: display CTA only on pages that you tagged “AWS”


Define CTAs By Cookie – display a CTA according to information stored in visitors’ browser cookies.


Define CTAs By Website Area – you can display a CTA only on certain areas of your website as you defined them in TrenDemon. 

Note the difference between the By Tag condition and the By Website Area condition:  By Tag is mostly used for a small number of pages, and usually for a category that won’t have more pages added to it in the future. Example: showing a CTA on a couple of product pages.  By Website Area is usually used when you want to show a CTA for a large group of pages that have something in common, and in situations where more pages will be added to that category in the future. For example: showing a CTA in the Blog area.

Define CTAs By Marketing Program Status

By integrating your marketing automation or CRM program with your TrenDemon account, you can link a customer’s lead status to their viewing of a CTA. In “Lists and Fields”, choose an entry from the  drop-down menus; the CTA will only be presented to contacts who meet that requirement. For example, you can choose to present a CTA to leads according to their “HubSpot Score” by adding the desired value of the field:

You can choose multiple fields for each CTA and add a rule to meet all conditions or at least one.

Please read this post in order to understand the Call-To-Action Settings.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.