Custom titles for pages

What is a Page title?

Page title is often used in websites to describe the page content briefly. Ideally, the page title is also the name of the tab in the reader’s browser.

TrenDemon using these titles when recommending content in recommendation units. Titles are also used to identify the pages on the TrenDemon dashboard.


How TrenDemon figures out the title of a page?

By default, as part of the normal process of collecting information on your Site, TrenDemon scans the page title by reading it from the <title> tag on your Html page.

There are some cases that due to SEO or any other reason, you might want to control the page title. TrenDemon offers a few method for achieving it:

  1. Manually one by one : head to the Content page on the dashboard, click on the Title cell of the page you would like to edit. Edit  and save. In case of “re-scan”, the scanning will override the custom title.
  2. Automatically – by configuring of “Exclude Repeating Titles” on the  setting page. This enables to manipulate the title by removing any occurrence of the strings provided. For example if the original page title is “TrenDemon | Blog | How to set custom titles” and the desired title would be just “How to set custom titles“, so you can configure both “TrenDemon |” and “Blog |” as repeating titles. This will effect all Pages that haven’t been scanned yet.
  3. Automatically – by reading it from an Html element from within the page. Although TrenDemon offers this as a solution, it is not configurable only by System Admin. You can achieve that by requesting your Account Manager at TrenDemon to configure it for you by specifying the Tag Name (h1/dev/span) and its css class or id. This will effect all Pages that haven’t been scanned yet.
    for Example if your pages looks like this:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>TITLE I DONT WANT</title>
    <h1 class="my-title">
       My Desired Title

    So you might want to ask you Account Manager to configure the page title to be taken from “h1″ with class “my-title”
    you might even combine both #2 and #3 solutions