CRM Goal

CRM Goal is based on a specific field or value from your CRM system. For example, All visitors that their SF opportunity status is closed-won will be shown as completed a goal.

This will allow you to analyze the audience, see what pages they visit and what content impacts the most.

To create a CRM goal you must have the CRM system connected to Trendemon. (follow this guide to set it )


How to set a CRM goal :

Go to Configure-> Goals & Events -> Create goal 

Select New goal -> CRM goal


Add the goal name and the CRM system you want to choose the parameter from.

Select the parameter and the value of the field, please note that the value is case sensitive and must be identical to what you have on your CRM system.

Once you save it, Trendemon will set each journey that meets the criteria to “goal completed’ for this goal. 


If you get this error - your MA system is not connected

Trendemon is able to link visitor journeys to your CRM opportunity or record, it uses the visitor email. 

One way to get the visitor email is with the MA system, Trendemon will be able to collect the information when your MA system is connected.

The second option is the use of an API. Trendemon has an API that allows you to set the visitor's email. For example, after somebody submits the form you can run this JavaScript code.

if(window.trd_api) window.trd_api.visitor.setEmail(VISITOR EMAIL);

Usage Example:

if(window.trd_api) window.trd_api.visitor.setEmail("");

Note - Even if the value is changed after a few days, and meets the criteria the goal will be completed then. The goal will not be deleted or removed if the value of the field that met these criteria changed to a value that doesn’t meet.