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Cookies that Trendemon sets on websites.

What are cookies Trendemon uses?

After the installation of the Trendemon code, Trendemon sets a number of cookies when a visitor lands on the website.

What are cookies?

Web cookies are small bits of data stored in the user’s browser on the computer or device. They represent data used by websites to make each internet user’s navigation and experience more friendly. Cookies store information you have already entered on a website. For example, if you filled in your name and email on a website’s demo request form, that website will remember your information through cookies. This means that the next time you want to sign up for something you won’t have to enter your personal info again. Cookies can also be used to remember the pages you’ve visited so that the site could offer new pages to browse. These are called first-party cookies.

Which first-party cookies does Trendemon set on the website?

The cookies below may be set on the visitor's browser, depending on the account configuration:

trd_cid - Unique Identifier that is generated for each visitor within a domain. Expiration 12 months.

trd_vid_l - Unique Trendemon Identifier, used to identify a visitor in TrenDemon. Expiration 12 months.

trd_vuid_l - Used to store hashed trd_vid_l value, you can see this parameter when you generate reports - Expiration 12 months.

trd_ma_cookie - Marketing Automation cookie value, set if Integration with Marketing Automation system is configured - expiration 12 hours.