Content Recommendations Via Slider

Content recommendations can be shown through a sliding unit that appears only after a user scrolls down. This is a great way to offer recommendations that are not embedded in the page. Similar to TrenDemon’s Embedded Recommendation Unit, you have full control over where the recommendation will appear and from which areas the content will be pulled.

Here is an example of how this unit appears and behaves:

real time personalization

Setting Up The Unit

  1. Go to Personalization tab > Recommendation units and click on the ‘Slider’ link

slider 1

2. Under Settings, select the desired UI of the unit by choosing the type. There are several types:

  • Swider/single – Will present one recommendation at a time and show an image and title of the recommendation.
  • Lift – Will present several recommendations with titles and images.

3. Slider Settings

slider settings

After choosing the slider type, you can configure the following:

Position – Right or left side of the page.

Show on Home Page- By default, recommendations are not shown on the homepage.

Title – The text at the top of the unit, i.e. “Read Next”.

Colors and Animation – Match the colors of the unit to your website. We also provide several animation effects for units, which you can choose.

Bottom Position – By default, we present the unit at the bottom of the page. If you want to present it higher on the page, specify the number of pixels from the bottom you would like the unit to appear.

Scroll Depth – Specify the scroll position which will trigger the slider. The higher the number, the more the visitors will need to scroll to see the recommendations.

Once settings are complete, our personalization algorithm will automatically select which top performing pages should be displayed to your visitors.

content recommendation on slider 1

In the example above, we defined 2 display rules which tell the system where to display the unit and from where to select the content:

  1. In the Careers area, we chose to pull content from across the website.
  2. In the main website area, we chose to present landing pages.

Use case and best practice РIn case you are already using the embedded recommendation for your blog to recommend other blog content, you can still add this unit to your blog to present recommendations that are not blog posts, such as landing pages or case studies. This helps circulate your traffic from your blog to other areas of the site.

Another best practice is to show slider recommendations of landing pages on your main website to avoid presenting only blog posts. This will increase the amount of conversions for downloading E-books, white papers, and other content.

For additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team!