Personalization & CTA General Settings

There are two places to configure and control the personalization/activation campaigns settings:

  1. The settings page for each Activation campaign, where you can configure and control triggers, design, layout, and additional settings.
  2. General CTA settings, where all configuration changes effect all CTAs.

In the following post, we will discuss the General personalization settings page. To read about how to configure the specific settings for each activation campaign, see this post.

General CTA Settings

In the Settings section (top icon), you can configure general rules that will apply to all CTAs being run. Go to Personalization settings on the left menu:

 Life Time – This determines how often an Exit Intent CTA will be presented again to a visitor. If it’s set on 5 hours, then a user who saw the CTA but didn’t click on it will see it again after 5 hours upon returning to the website. In case the visitor clicked on the banner or filled out the form, the CTA will not be presented to them again.

Google Analytics Tracking – In case you want to track Google Analytics clicks on TrenDemon CTAs, turn this to ‘On’. This will add clicking as an event to the CTA. The event name will be TrenDemon Banner “Name of CTA”. 

To learn about other settings and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.