Autopilot Integration

Integrating Autopilot to your TrenDemon account will enable you to send leads from TrenDemon’s optimization units directly into your Autopilot account.

For setting up your Autopilot integration please follow the next steps:

1. Click on the settings icon on the left-hand side, and then select the “Autopilot API” section.

2. Generate your API key using the “Generate” button and copy it.

3. In your TrenDemon dashboard, go to the integration tab and click the Autopilot button.

4. Fill in the API Key that we generated before and click save.


How to insert a lead into Autopilot?

In the CTA settings under “Integration settings“, choose “Send leads to Autopilot“.

If you want the lead to be inserted into a specific list please specify the list ID.

A list’s ID can be found in the browser URL when viewing the list.

If you have a multiple fields form you need to specify the fields name as they are on Autopilot.

You can read about Autopilot default field names here: