Adding a TrenDemon Goal Pixel with GTM

If you wish to track clicks for specific elements on your website (such as button clicks), you can add a TrenDemon pixel by using Google-Tag-Manager.

1) First create an Action-Conversion Goal in TrenDemon (Under Set Goals & Events) in order to generate the pixel code:

2) Copy the code in order to later paste it into GTM:

3) Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account and click “New Tag”:

4) Select a name for the tag, click on “Choose a tag type…”, and select a Custom HTML tag:

5) Paste the TrenDemon pixel code (from before) into the HTML box:

6) Now click on “Choose a trigger…”, and then select a Trigger Type:

Note that different scenarios might require different trigger types. In this scenario, we demonstrate a link-based trigger. For example: we would like the pixel to trigger when a visitor clicks on a “customer login” link.

7) Hover over the website element for which you wish to track with a pixel, Right-Mouse click, and select Inspect:

Notice that the element in question will be highlighted in blue.

For a “Customer Login” link, it makes sense to select the Class and Click URL parameters as triggers.

8) In GTM, select a name for the trigger. In our example we selected Some Links in order to define specific parameters for the link-based trigger, and then selected “Choose Built-In Variable” in order to further define the trigger:

9) For the “Customer Login” link, we select a Click Classes and Click URL:

10) Click “Save” to save the trigger:

11) Click Submit:

12) Click Publish: