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Account Insights

Once your account-based audiences and target lists are all set up, you can explore our insights to learn how these accounts are engaging with your website:

  • Dashboard: Flow Analysis: this visualization presents the engagement funnel of the companies that visit your website - from landing pages to deeper engagements based on pageviews and read rates, until conversions to business goals. 
    Screenshot 2022-05-10 145716
  • Explore Companies screens: this section provides an in-depth analysis of target lists and specific companies. You can explore visiting trends, companies with known contacts, industries, traffic sources, and more. Use our “Action” section to exclude irrelevant companies or add high-priority companies to your target lists.
  • Explore a specific company: When clicking on a specific company name, you will be directed to the company page with additional info like goals completion, top visitors, most read content, top-performing Trendemon campaigns and offers, and more.
  • Explore Journeys: In this section, you can explore the complete journey of each individual company visitor - from first landing on your website, through all the page views, clicks on personalized campaigns/offers, and goals completion. 

Screenshot 2022-05-10 150004