What Can I Learn From TrenDemon’s Dashboard?

TrenDemon’s Dashboard is your first source of information to help you better understand: 1) How is TrenDemon optimizing my content’s performance 2) How well is my content performing in general. Here is a breakdown of the various insights & data TrenDemon generates:

TrenDemon Performance

The top part of the dashboard shows the status of each goal in the past 30 days with a comparison of the month before.goalstop1) All journeys – shows the overall conversion rate for each goal.

2) Days – shows the averge amount of days it takes to convert to a goal.

3) Sessions – shows the average amount of sessions it takes to convert to a goal.

4) Pages – Shows the average amount of pages it takes to convert to a goal.


Top Sources/Content

Here you can view the top sources and top content articles that contribute the most for each goal, if you wish to see the full list, go to insights>content/sources.




Conversion overtime of each goal

In this graph you can view the amount of goals reached overtime.




TrenDemon’s Uplift

Here you can measure how TrenDemon is optimizing the journeys of your traffic.



1) Conversion Uplift – shows the conversion uplift in % that TrenDemon’s units managed to generate by optimized user journeys on the site.

2) New Leads – shows the amout of leads TrenDemon has generated from TrenDemon forms.

3) CTR – Shows the Click through rate of TrenDemon Content Recommendations units.