How to Setup Goals?

What are goals?

Goal are events, actions or destinations that your visitors reach and that reflect a desired outcome or have a commercial value you wish to track and optimize. TrenDemon uses the goals that you configure to:

1) Analyze and track the journeys of visitors throughout your assets

2) Optimize content recommendations and call-to-actions for the specified goals.

A site can have multiple goals (for example, fill lead form signup to newsletter or any button click), you can define a goal by 3 different methods.

Destination Goal – This type of goal is url based. i.e. a thank you page of a signup form will be set as a destination Goal

How to setup Destination Goal:

1 ) create a new goal:


2)  Select Destination Goal in Goal Type


3) Fill in the URL of the landing page in the Goal URL field (for example: In case you have a unique thank you page for each user, remove the unique parameters from the url and add a ‘*’ instead.


4) Test to see that TrenDemon is receiving data from your landing page using the Check Now button.


Action Conversion pixel – In case you are using light forms or in case you just have a “Thank you” message after conversion, use this type of goal to track goal completion.

1)  Create a new goal and choose Action conversion, name the goal and click save. Once hitting save, the pixel will be generated. Copy the pixel and add it to the “Thank you” text after submitting the form.


Button Click Goal – Use button click goal to track clicks on any button on your website, if it’s social share buttons, “buy now”, etc.