How to Setup Goals?

What are goals?

Goal are events, actions or destinations that your visitors perform and that reflect a desired outcome or have a commercial value you wish to track and optimize. TrenDemon uses the goals that you configure to:

1) Analyze and track the journeys of visitors throughout your assets

2) Optimize content recommendations and call-to-actions for the specified goals.

A site can have multiple goals (for example, fill lead form and signup to newsletter) and a goal can have several stages. The 2 main stages of goal are reached and completed. Goal reached means that a visitor has landed in the target destination (for example, the signup page of a newsletter). Goal completed means the user has successfully completed the signup process (in the same example, the visitor has reached the Thank you page, after signing up to your newsletter).

When & Why should I configure a Goal Reached and Goal Completed 

When you want to get the full picture as to how many people actually converted from a given source, it’s useful to see how many visitors reach the destination URL and how many actually completed it. A big gap between those figures could indicate a conversion problem in your destination/landing page.

Examples of Goals and how to configure them

Tracking & Optimizing for Form Submissions (like Lead Forms or Newsletter Signup Forms)

There are several ways to track form submissions using TrenDemon, depending on how your site is configured.

Form Submissions from a Landing Page (like Contact Us):

1 ) create a new goal:



2)  Select Destination Goal in Goal Type



3) Fill in the URL of the landing page in the Goal URL field (for example:

4) Optional – Fill in the Completed Goal URL with the Thanks you page URL

5) Test to see that TrenDemon is receiving data from your landing page using the Check Now button. If there’s a problem and you’ve configured the goal and embedded the code, contact our support