Integrating Hubspot with TrenDemon’s Calls to Action

TrenDemon’s Hubspot integration  provides 2 main features:

  1. present forms (if it’s an HS form or a TrenDemon form) as a CTA and send the leads to HS.
  2. Present CTA’s to existing leads by the lead status.

To present a form in the CTA, you have two options:

Option I : 

Use Hubspot forms as a CTA – Go to the “Calls to Action” tab and click the “New Call to Action” button. In the drop-down menu choose “Hubspot/Marketo Form”. In the Marketing Automation System choose Hubspot and then in the ‘Script’ text box add the HS javascript of the form. (No need to add the first line of the script). This will enable you to show any HS form in our Call to Action. After adding the script you can add the image, titles and any other configuration regarding where it will be displayed and who will see it.

Hubspot/Marketo form:



Add here the HS script of the form you want to use




Option II :

* Before you use this option, make sure you completed the Hubspot Integration.

Use TrenDemon forms and send leads to Hubspot including the History and Cookie  – To use our TrenDemon form choose ‘form’ type from the drop-down menu and choose in the form type: “Single field” or “Multiple fields”. A single field is only for an Email address, multiple fields can be any text field/s you want to use.


In case you choose the “Multiple field” option, add the fields you want to capture.

Label = The field name that will be displayed

Validation text = The text that will be displayed in case the form is submitted without this field (All fields are mandatory)

Field Type = Indicate if this is an email field or text for validation

Name = In this text box add the exact name of the field as it is defined on your HS account. See example in the image below.  Please note that in both options (using HS form or using TrenDemon’s form) add the custom fields.



In case you chose to use TrenDemon’s form, you can choose to which list you want to send the leads that will fill out this form. Leads can be sent to any static list.


If you want, TrenDenom will send the cookie and history with the lead. To enable this you need to create in your HS account a form with the same fields and insert the GUID of this form, if not leads will be send without the history.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Forms
  • Click on the name of the form you need the GUID for
  • Click Embed
  • The formId is your form’s GUID (the format looks like this – 546beeb5-c651-43c5-8782-cdfa70246ba1)
  • The GUID can also be found in the address bar when you’re in the form editor




Fields and Lists from Hubspot

As part of our integration with Hubspot, we can query Hubspot on leads from your lists and/or fields and present the CTA just to this group of leads.  In the “Fields and lists from Hubspot” you can define who will see (or not see ) the CTA.  As the example below shows, you can choose to present a CTA only to leads by the “Lead source” field = Google. You can choose from the drop-down menu any field you use on HS, the same goes for lists. Add the list ID and the CTA will only be presented to that list.






Preview the CTA – At any time, you can hit the ‘preview’ button to see how the CTA will look like. In case you are using an HS form, you won’t be able to preview the HS fields