TrenDemon’s Content Recommendation Engine

TrenDemon’s Content Recommendation Units are a proven way to increase visitors page views and online conversion. Our units come as embedded units at the bottom of a page:

Or as a Slider unit that appears as you scroll down a page:

They will also appear on mobile, and their design can be customized to your needs and specifications.

It would be reasonable to assume that most marketers are already familiar with similar widgets that display recommendations at the bottom of a content area or as you scroll down a page. And yet, our sophisticated units are different than what you’re used to as they use a “smart engine”, similar to AI, that personalizes the visitor’s experience.

In other words, the recommendations you’ll see are not static, but are personalized to the visitor’s particular journey. In what way?

1. The recommendations displayed will be based on the highest completed business goals, or Reach Rate (see article about what are goals and events) or on the content pages Weekly Hits numbers. In other words, the articles that our system recognized as top influencers for conversions will be shown first, and thus increase conversion rate.

Best Practice Tip: start with automating the unit according to Weekly Hits. Once TrenDemon starts recording more completed goals, switch to automating the unit according to goals (Reach Rate).

2. We will never recommend a page that was already visited, unless all recommended pages were viewed.

3. The recommendations can be topic-specific. Example, in category A of the blog, the visitor will only see recommendations for the same category, while in category B, they’ll see recommendations for Landing Pages (you set the rules).

4. The units can support Custom Content, enabling you to force certain pieces of content in certain areas or time frames (this is good when there is an upcoming event or webinar that you wish to push).

After the initial set up of the website areas and rules, the units work automatically, and regularly calculate the most converting content to recommend, making this engine an automatic and painless conversion engine that will increase the number of page views on your website as well as the number of conversions.

To view the performance of the recommendation unit go to Insights > Personalization:

Best Practice Tips:

Use topic-based Embedded Recommendation Units to recommend converting blog articles, while simultaneously using Sliding Recommendations to direct people to your landing pages.

Add embedded units to thank you pages of landing pages, and also to additional content areas.

For more information about properly setting up the recommendation units on the TrenDemon dashboard – Click Here.

For more information about properly setting up custom recommendations through the TrenDemon dashboard – Click Here.

For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.