Marketo Integration

This guide explains how to integrate Marketo to your TrenDemon account

1. Create API only user role

In Marketo account go to Admin -> Users&Roles -> Roles -> New Role. Fill the fields, check “Access API” and save.   (Read more)



2. Create API only user
Switch to “Users” tab -> “Invite New User”, check the role created in step 1 and “API only” checkbox.                     (Read more)
3. Create a Custom Service for Use with ReST API
In Admin go to LaunchPoint -> New -> New Service. Fill the fields, choose Service=Custom and API Only User – the user created in step 2. Save it.  (Read more)
4. Click “View details” next to service created in step 3 and copy Client ID and Client Secret values. You will need them later to set up integration in TrenDemon account.
5. In Admin go to “Web Services”. In “REST API” section copy “Endpoint” URL.
6. Go to TrenDemon account -> Integrations -> Marketo and fill the fields with the corresponding values copied in steps 4 and 5. After that, click Save.
7. After Marketo integration is enabled, go to “Calls to Action” Tab.
For CTA’s of any type, you can specify statuses according to which the current CTA will be included/excluded.
Just type the status name or list, press enter to add it and save the CTA.
Now the CTA will appear/not appear ONLY for the site visitors which have the specified status.