Marketing & Nurturing funnels with-in your Domain

We are all taking great effort to run properly our marketing funnels and our nurturing process of our Prospects. Starting from lead generation, Media buying, landing pages, sending out emails, newsletter, downloading E-books, you name it. As part of this process, we are tracking each prospect and their scoring to decide when they are ready for our sales team to contact them by using Marketing Automation programs. As some of these processes happen outside our website and blog, we want to make sure that if they come to our domain we can continue the nurturing funnel for each and every prospect and in a seamless way on the eyes of our prospect. What if we can present to each prospect the right message when he visits our website according to his status in your marketing funnel?

Using TrenDemon’s Calls-to-Action and integrating your Marketing Automation program you will have the ability to maintain a parallel nurturing funnel in your domain that works automatically and syncs with your lead scoring, tracking and most importantly, it doesn’t interfere with your existing marketing funnels.

How does this work?

Calls-to-Action (CTA’s) are a great way to attract visitors if it’s when you present forms, banners to download e-books or interesting content. CTA’s can be configured in many ways, where it will be presented on your domain, what will trigger it, A/B testing and more. With our new integrations to Marketing Automation platforms, you will be able to present CTA’s to existing leads according to your lists, smart lists and even any field or value. By combining this integration and TrenDemon’s CTA’s you will have the ability to continue the nurturing of your visitors from your domain and moving them down in your marketing funnel.


Let’s take for example a B2B company that is running Hubspot, all the leads are managed in lists and they are also using smart lists as well with common attributes of the leads. Once they integrate their Hubspot account, they can create a CTA and define it only to trigger and appear to visitors from this smart list. That way they present a specific messaging only to them. Parallel to that, they can create additional CTA’s for other lists they are using and also create a CTA with a Lead Form to fill in, that only new visitors will see, the lead will go directly in a specific list you chose for this CTA.

A few tips for using CTA’s by the status in your Marketing Automation program

  • Use personalized messaging in the CTA so it will talk exactly to the right group of visitors
  • Add multiple CTA’s for your lists, don’t worry, each visitor will only see the CTA that is targeted to him
  • Present CTA’s on your product pages with a form, visitors that will fill in the form, their details will go directly to a designated list of your choice with full tracking on his journey.