Implementing embedded content recommendation code

TrenDemon uses content recommendations to optimize customer journeys throughout your site. To present embedded content recommendations add the following code on areas and pages where you want to present the embedded unit.

<div id="trd-articleslideshow"></div>

Where to add the code – We recommend to add the code to your content areas such as your blog. Add the code to the blog post template above the comments or footer of the template. That way it will be added up to all blog posts automatically.


  1. The content recommendation unit will only be presented to your visitors once you go ‘live’ with your account.
  2. On ‘preview’ mode you can check and see how the content recommendations look like. To do so, go to one of your blog posts and add at the end of the url – ?td=demo and refresh the page.
  3. It takes a day or two until we scan all the pages of the website the first time, so you won’t see the unit right away after adding the code.