How to setup TrenDemon content recommendations?

TrenDemon uses content recommendations to optimize customer journeys throughout your site. There are several UI options to choose from, on PC and mobile.

1) Goto Settings > Additional Settings and Scroll down to the “Show Settings” section.

Setting Up the SHOW Unit

Important! If you would like to use the Show unit, you will need to insert the following code wherever you would like the unit to appear (usually, at the end of the post, before the comments section):

<div id=”trd-articleslideshow”></div>

Setting Up the LIFT Unit

 The LIFT has several UI styles. You can choose between the different types and choose the one which best fits your site’s design:

TrendTip – Overall, we see higher CTR (Click-through-rate) on the SHOW unit as opposed to the LIFT so whenever possible, we recommend using the SHOW for content recommendations, and reserving the LIFT slider location for call-to-actions.