How to Create Tags?

Using tags is a very useful method to present CTA’s on a specific page or several pages together. You can create as many tags as you need for using them on different CTA’s you are running.

Steps to create use tags:

Create – Go to Settings>Additional settings, and scroll down to the “Tags for Pages” section. Click on “Add page tag” and add the name of the tag. Click on ‘Apply’ at the end of the page to save.



Relate to pages – Go to Personalization > Scan Results tab and search for the url you want to tag. Once it comes up, click on the ‘Edit’ button, you will see the tag/s you created in the dropdown menu, check in the tag and click on save.



Use Tags in CTA – Go to Calls to Action – Click on “New Call to Action”, scroll down to the “By tags” section, there you will see the tags you have created. Choose to include/exclude and choose the tag you want.