How can I modify the images and/or titles of TrenDemon’s content recommendations?

TrenDemon scans your site and automatically identifies the titles and images of your posts to generate the content recommendations. Sometimes, you may have several images on your post, may want to use a different image that’s not on the post or want to modify the title of the content recommendation to make it more clickable.


An example of TrenDemon’s Embedded content recommendation unit, with the images and texts that were automatically identified. Sometimes you may want to change them. Here’s how:

how to change the image of a content recommendation?

Goto: Personalization> Scan Results:


You can use the Upload button to upload a new image instead of the one found by the system. You can also try re-scanning the page (with the Re-scan Page button).

how to change the title of a content recommendation?

Click on the title to open the dialog box and edit the text:


once done, press OK, or cancel to reset back to the original title