Feature Update – February 2017


Personalization Tab

We are binding all TrenDemon optimization units and content manager pages under one tab, so it will be easier to manage. There are no changes in all inner tabs except “Recommendation units” tab.

personalization new tab

We added the ability to choose where to display content recommendation units and from where to pull the content for each unit, even if the content is not from the same area. Additionally we enabled to present embedded and slider units on the same domain showing different recommendations.


Use Case: Let’s say on your blog you want to recommend content “from the blog” and also recommend “landing pages” in the embedded unit. At the same time, you want to present a content recommendation slider on the main website showing just best performing landing pages. By adding rules to each unit you will be able to choose in each area from where to pull the content.


Personalized CTA’s by multi field from your Marketing Automation program

We added the ability to present the CTA by multi fields from your marketing automation, so you can add several lists or fields for each CTA.


multifield ma


Goal Tab

By default, you will see now in the Goals list only ‘Active’ goals, you can toggle between ‘Active’, ‘Paused’ or ‘Closed’. You will find the same drop down list on the CTA list

by active goals