Events & Goal Report – Attribute the Impact of Events on Goals

In the Events & Goals Insights report, you can easily view which events participated in successful journeys towards the selected goal.

For example, Let’s say you want to understand what events were completed before the goal “Request a Demo”, by choosing that goal from the drop-down list, you will see what events happened beforeĀ and by that, you will know what events attributed the most.


How to work with the report

In the drop-down list of goals, choose any goal, then you will see what other goals/events took place before reaching the queried goal. You can choose any time-frame and download the report to a CSV file. In case you choose a Goal and no event comes up, that means that no events happened before reaching the goal.



  • Total Events – Unique times this event was reached
  • Reached Goal – Total number of journeys that reached the event and after that reached the goal
  • Attribution Score – The overall attribution of the events to the selected goal. Attribution of events algorithm includes a quantitative and qualitative measurement of the impact of each event of the queried goal.


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