CTA configurations by “Who will see the CTA”

Since TrenDemon is tracking all visitors that are coming to your website, we also track who completed one or more of your business goals that you defined, what is their source and what is their status on your Marketing Automation platform you are running.

In this post we will explain how to use each one of these configurations to help you define who needs to see the CTA.

Define CTA’s by Goals

In each CTA you create, you can configure who will see it by the goals that the visitors reached.

For example – If one of your goals is “Request a Demo” and you want to create a CTA that will increase amount of conversions for this goal, you would not want that visitors that reached this goal will see it as well, there for, we can configure in the CTA, “Show this CTA to all visitors ‘except’ visitors that already reached this goal.




  • This works the same by ‘Include’ a goal,
  • In case you choose to ‘exclude/Include’ 2 goals or more, it means that only visitors that completed both goals will see the CTA


Define CTA’s by Source

Basically this works the same as defining by goals, you can choose to include/exclude a specific source, utm source or utm campaign.

Example: Let’s say you are running an email campaign, that the action for your users is to request a demo. You can set a CTA that will appear on your website that only users from this campaign will see the CTA once they get to your website.



Define CTA’s by the status of your leads from your Marketing automation.

By integrating your Marketing Automation to your TrenDemon account, we can query about leads from your lists and/or fields and present the CTA just to a specific group of leads.  In the “Fields and lists” you can define who will see (or not see ) the CTA.  For example, you can choose to present a CTA only to leads by the “Lead source” field = Google. You can choose from the dropdown menu any field you use, the same goes for lists. Add the list ID and the CTA will only be presented to that list.

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