Feature Update – December 2016


See Impact of Personalization in our new Optimization Report

We added a new report to the Insights section titled Optimization which allows you to see  the impact of active TrenDemon’s personalization units on your goals.

To switch between goals, use the drop-down menu  at the top left or choose “All Goals” to see the combined impact of your personalization units.


Unit Name – This is the name of the unit. In case you are running one of the Content Recommendation units, we  will present its default name.

Type – The type of the unit, if it’s a banner/form or content recommendation

Total Impressions – How many visitors actually saw the unit. As for impressions for content recommendations that are at the bottom of the page, visitors that didn’t scroll down and view them, will not be counted as impressions.

Total Clicks – Amount of times the unit was clicked.

CTR – Clicks/impressions of each unit

Reached Goals – Amount of users that converted after passing through the unit.

Uplift – The % of successful journeys which were affected by  the personalization units



New! Personalize Call to Actions by UTM Campaign Parameters

In each CTA you create you can now configure who will see it by defining the source/utm campaign. This will help you to create more personalized CTA’s depending on from where the visitors are coming to your website.


New Summary Section in Content Insights Report

we added a summary showing the aggregated data based on the selected filters to help better understand  their impact  on conversions and read ratios per area,.