How to create a PowerBar – a personalized bar type call-to-action (CTA)

PowerBars are a great way to engage with visitors that come to your website. It is a personalized bar which appears at the top or bottom of the page when the visitor scrolls down or after a specified time of inactivity. You can choose whether the bar will display a form or a text message with a link to any page.

The bar can be above the header or below the footer of the page and you can control how much do the visitors need to scroll in order to view it. Here are some examples of the PowerBar:

Power bar above the header will look like this:

Power bar below the footer:


Like all of our personalization units, you can configure the PowerBar to be presented by specific groups of audience, if it’s by the source, status from your marketing automation or Salesforce and reached goals.

How to Create a PowerBar 

Step 1 – Go to Personalization tab > Calls to Action > and click on “Add Call to Action”

Step 2 – In the behavior field, choose ‘PowerBar’ and then choose if you want to use ‘Form’ or ‘Text’ in the ‘type’ field.

Step 3 – Add the fields for the CTA. In case you are integrated with your Marketing Automation, in the ‘name’ field, add the field name as it is on your MA.

Step 4 – Choose the position and scroll depth of the CTA. Position can be above the header “Top” or below the footer “Bottom”. The scroll depth defines how much does the visitor need to scroll in order to view it. Our default setting and the recommended value 10px.


Step 5 – Choose the color scheme you want for the button, texts and other design settings. By default, the CTA will use the websites default font.

Step 6 – Click on Preview to see how it will look like. Any change you make will be reflected in the preview.



  • PowerBars work with all configurations including “by any field or list” from your marketing automation.
  • You can A/B test 2 different PowerBars that has the same configuration.
  • All leads are sent to your Marketing Automation or CRM with all the history of the lead.
  • Open CSS is available to edit the look & feel of the CTA