Call To Action Settings

There are two places to configure and control CTA settings:

  1. General CTA settings, where all configuration changes effect all CTAs.
  2. The settings page for each CTA, where you can configure and control triggers, design, layout, and additional settings.

General CTA Settings

In the CTA Settings tab, you can configure general rules that will apply to all CTAs being run. Go to Personalization > Settings:

Exit Intent Life Time – This determines how often an Exit Intent CTA will be presented again to a visitor. If it’s set on 5 hours, then a user who saw the CTA but didn’t click on it will see it again after 5 hours upon returning to the website. In case the visitor clicked on the banner or filled out the form, the CTA will not be presented to them again.

Lead Notification Email – Add your email address here if you wish to receive email notifications of each lead that is captured via TrenDemon’s forms. Please note that you will also need to approve getting leads from each CTA in the settings of the CTA itself.

Get Weekly Leads List – Turn this to ‘on’ if you wish to receive a notification email once a week with all leads.

Google Analytics Tracking – In case you want to track Google Analytics clicks on TrenDemon CTAs, turn this to ‘On’. This will add clicking as an event to the CTA. The event name will be TrenDemon Banner “Name of CTA”. 

CTA In Page Settings

Here are the settings you can control for each CTA:

Open in – If you are using a banner CTA, you can choose if it will open the page in a new window or in the same window.

Show for new visitors – When a new visitor visits the website, this CTA will appear before any other CTA. Returning visitors will not see it.

Show only once – This CTA will appear only 1 time for each unique visitor.

Show also on scroll – This setting is only applicable for Exit Intent behavior. It means that the CTA will not only be presented when the visitor leaves the website, but also when they scroll down the page.

Show only if another CTA was completed – You can create a sequence of CTAs by setting the CTA to appear only after another CTA was shown. Once checked off, you can choose after which CTA it should appear.

Aggressive mode – Once checked off, the CTA will be presented every time the visitor refreshes the page. This is only applicable to Exit Intent behavior.

Timer modeChoose if you want the CTA to appear after a certain number of seconds. To do so, check the box and indicate the number of seconds that should pass until the CTA appears.

Minimum page views You can determine if you want the CTA to appear only after the user reads ‘x’ number of pages. You can also choose if it’s in the same session or not.

For each CTA, you can define the colors and design by using the following attributes:

The screenshot above shows the colors you can control for an Image and Text CTA.  Color and design options can change depending on the behavior and type of the CTA you choose.

For every change you make, you can click the ‘preview’ button to see how the CTA will look.


Please read this post in order to understand how to configure who will see the CTA (defining CTA audiences).

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.