How to setup Call to Action (CTA) which is triggered by Scroll

Slider on Scroll is a specific type of Call to Action (CTA) unit which is triggered when a visitor scrolls beyond a certain level on the page.

Here is how to setup this unit:


Choose Slider on Scroll type

cta on scroll

Add the link url and upload the image. Basically you can add any image size you want but our best practice is to use the following image size: 450×80


All the settings are the same as CTA by exit intent, except the following changes



cta on scroll settings

Scroll depth – Define the depth of the scrolling before the CTA will appear, by default we show the CTA after scrolling 60% of the page. We recommend to change this in case your pages don’t have a lot of scrolling.

Bottom Position – Define the position of the CTA from the bottom of the page. If you want the CTA to be shown at the bottom of the page, we recommend to keep it on 40px. In case you want the CTA to be shown at the top of the page, change the position to around  500px

Position – You can choose where to place the CTA if it’s on the left, right or center of the page depending on your page layout.



  • Like all optimization units, you can measure the CTR and success of the CTA in the Optimization report
  • In case you are running a CTA by exit intent on a page, you won’t be able to present at the same time a CTA by scroll.